REG Plates

Buying a private number can be just as important as the car and our range of services make it easy. We can arrange all the paperwork, produce and fit the number plates as part of the sale and we can also discreetly purchase a number on your behalf.

We have a wide selection of cherished numbers on our books and if you wish to sell your private number, please call us where we can either buy it from you or sell it on your behalf on a commission basis.

430 DMN - £POA
15 PMN - £POA
8 WMN - £POA
CMN 15 - £POA
25 WMN - £SOLD
25 MAN - £SOLD

If you are interested in one of our private registration numbers or looking to sell yours just simply fill in the form below, email: or call us on (01624) 830800.